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Why choose the SOS Fob personal lone worker safety device?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

SOS Fob personal lone worker safety device from Sky Alert

The SOS Fob is a durable and discreet lone worker safety device that's simple to use and easily accessible to get help when it's needed.

There are certain priorities when it comes to choosing a personal lone worker safety device. It must be reliable, with a good battery life and excellent connectivity inside a durable casing. It’s got to have a range of different safety functions to cover various risk scenarios for a diverse set of lone worker job roles. For front-line staff, discretion may be of the utmost importance. And it’s got to be simple to use and easily accessible, so a wearable device is a big plus for users in being able to locate it immediately in a crisis. In this blog, we’re going to look at how SOS Fob does the job as a personal lone worker safety device.

A powerful personal lone worker safety device

In terms of reliability, our 4G SOS Fob presents an excellent proposition. It’s durable and waterproof (IPX6-rated). Yet it’s lightweight too, weighing in at just 1.25 ounces, and fits in the palm of a hand. We work hard to maximize signal coverage even in areas of poor reception, including rural and coastal areas. With Global Positioning System (GPS), a user’s location can be pinpointed on the ground to within 8.5 feet.

As for battery life, the rechargeable battery has a long stand-by time. LED indicators show when battery power is at 15% or below and the device needs charging. SOS Fob comes with a micro-USB cable and cradle charger, with in-car and standard socket chargers also available upon request. When fully charged, the device has a standby time of up to three days.

Lone worker safety features for different risk scenarios

With SOS Fob, lone workers have immediate access to a range of safety features. Red Alert provides emergency help, which can be triggered discreetly if that’s important for the user’s safety. By pressing the prominent central SOS button, lone workers can open a call to the highly trained staff at a Monitoring and Response Center (MRC). These operatives then assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate help to the worker. With Yellow Alert, a lone worker can leave a voice memo message with salient details that could save valuable time in the event of an emergency.

The reactive Worker Down feature uses motion and shock sensors within the device to register an impact or lack of movement which might indicate an accident. This triggers an automatic alert at the ARC, where staff will try to contact the worker, and will provide help if they are unresponsive. And overarching all these safety features is GPS Locate. Safe Hub captures GPS location data in real time, accurate to within 8.5 feet, to provide a picture of where workers are at any given time.

SOS Fob is simple to use and easily accessible

With some discreet personal lone worker safety devices, ease of use can mean it’s all too easy to trigger a false alarm. Indeed, it can prevent users from using the devices in the first place. With SOS Fob, this need not be a concern. Users can deactivate an accidental alert by simply pressing the SOS button within 10 seconds. We can also alter the sensitivity of the Worker Down feature to account for the physicality of a lone worker’s job function. This reduces nuisance alarms – and our experience shows that it directly increases adoption of devices by lone workers in their everyday safety practice.

What’s more, SOS Fob fits perfectly (and practically) into lone workers’ lives, thanks to our range of wearable accessories. It can be clipped into a neat identity badge holder, contained in a holster pocket (for attachment to your arm, leg, or belt), or worn in a wristband. Otherwise, the SOS Fob can simply be carried in a pocket or on a lanyard. Whichever accessory a lone worker chooses, they’ll have a personal lone worker safety device directly at hand when they need it. And we’ve received consistently positive feedback from lone workers on the ground using the device on a daily basis in a range of economic sectors.

To find out more about deploying Safe Hub using the SOS Fob personal lone worker safety device, contact one of the team today.

About Sky Alert

Safe Hub, from Sky Alert, is an advanced security platform that protects people working alone. With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response, Safe Hub is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers. Using a discreet personal device such as the SOS Fob, our advanced App on a smartphone, or the SPOT X satellite device, Safe Hub connects users with a state-of-the-art Monitoring Response Center (MRC). At the MRC, highly trained operatives can provide immediate assistance directing the police or paramedics to your GPS location in the fastest time possible.


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