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Offering protection to those who care for others in the community.

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More than in most other parts of the economy, many risks for lone workers in home health and hospice care stem from the people they work with.

Indeed, it illustrates that lone working doesn’t necessarily mean working away from people. The point is that home health and hospice workers are separated from and out of sight or earshot of their colleagues.

People who work in a patient’s or service user’s home, such as nurses, midwives, and social workers, often face risks associated with their clients' behavior.

Prescribers who carry prescription forms and medicines also face risks. This risk may be further heightened if a lone worker wears a uniform, as they’re easily identifiable.

Here at Sky Alert, we know that the priority for health workers is being able to summon emergency help with the utmost discretion.

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More than a 911 app

Safe Hub puts you in direct contact with highly trained officers at a Monitoring & Response Center. The safety features includes GPS-locate, SOS alert, fall detection, and a proactive welfare timer.

The wearable SOS Fob and advanced App

Our Sky Alert SOS Fob is easily accessible and features a prominent emergency button to trigger a Red Alert. This opens a call with our 24/7 monitoring and response center, which can quickly assess the situation and alert the emergency services if necessary.


SOS Fob is ideal for staff in caregiving roles, where uniform and clothing restrictions might prohibit a larger device. Ergonomically designed, the device can be worn on the wrist, hung around the neck on a lanyard, clipped, or simply kept in a pocket. Wearing the SOS Fob prominently could even prevent a problem from escalating.

With the Safe Hub Smartphone App, we also have a proactive check-in service, Safe Check. This service allows workers to set intervals between automated prompts to signal their welfare. If they fail to respond, it quickly alerts our monitoring agents, so it’s ideally suited for a busy day of appointments visiting service users’ homes.

SOS Fob wearable accessories

The SOS Fob from Sky Alert is lightweight and can easily be carried in your pocket or on a key chain. But it also comes with a range of convenient wearable accessories.

  • The lanyard with ID badge holder is designed to carry an ID card or business card on the front, and the SOS Fob clips neatly into the back.

  • The holster pocket can be attached to the user's belt, or worn on the arm or leg using an adjustable strap.

  • The wristband is washable and made of durable rubberized plastic.

SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With Card With S
SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With SOS Fob Wit
Lanyard & ID Badge Holder
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Holster Pocket
SOS 4G Fob Wristband Angled With Shadow.
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