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Form the late night diner to pizza delivery, servers can be in danger.

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It’s a fact of modern life that more and more people use food and beverage delivery services. Revenue in the US online food delivery segment is expected to be worth over $24 billion in 2020 and is set to grow further over the next five years.

But sadly, there are other unpleasant facts of life for workers in food and beverage delivery when they’re on the job.

Whether they work in-house for a restaurant or for third-party providers, drivers and other employees across the industry face the threats of robbery, auto theft and personal assaults. In the extreme, they can even face life and death situations.

And, that's where Sky Alert can help delivering a simple yet robust personal safety system. 

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Protection at the press of a button

The SOS Fob is a lightweight and discreet personal tracking device, perfect for workers in the food and beverage delivery sector. Just press the SOS button to talk directly with highly trained officers at a Monitoring & Response Center. They can talk you through your situation and direct emergency support to your GPS location if needed.

Varied features for different risk scenarios

Sky Alert can deliver a range of personal security protection for workers in food and beverage delivery, particularly when they’re alone and on the road.

Using the Sky Alert SOS Fob or the Safe Hub Smartphone App, workers can reach our monitoring and response center 24/7. By raising a Red Alert, workers will be connected to monitoring agents who can escalate a response according to the situation.

They can leave a Yellow Alert voice memo message ahead of each delivery to assist with finding them in a crisis. And as we use motion and shock sensors in the device or phone, we can get them rapid, reactive Worker Down help in the event of an accident or sudden impact.

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