From SOS calls, to impact detection, and welfare checks to group messaging, Sky Alert has it all.

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First and foremost, finding a lone worker in a crisis lies at the heart of our service, and we’re proud of the software that sits behind us. With GPS Locate, Sky Alert can pinpoint the precise location of a worker using the power of satellite technology. Their personal security device or smartphone will report a lone worker’s GPS location to the monitoring station every ten minutes as standard, although this interval can be customized if necessary. It will also report the GPS location as soon as any alert is raised (Red Alert, Yellow Alert or Worker Down). The agents at our monitoring station can share that information with to emergency services, allowing them to reach a lone worker who needs help with pinpoint accuracy.


At the push of a button or the tap of a screen, lone workers can access emergency help in a crisis.

Triggering a Red Alert opens a 2-way audio call with our 24/7 monitoring station, where a trained agent can assess the situation. They’ll use the first few seconds of the call for active listening, for example to work out whether the lone worker is under duress and how best to approach the problem. The agent will follow that individual’s escalation process and will summon the emergency services if necessary, bypassing 911 call centers. The agent will stay on the call until the situation is resolved, to act as the lone worker’s virtual buddy.

As calls are recorded, they can be used as evidence for any future prosecution if the worker is a victim of criminal activity such as a physical assault.




Sometimes a lone worker is about to enter a situation which may become complicated.

With the Yellow Alert voice memo function, they can record salient information which will help to locate them precisely in the event of an emergency.

This might include a parking bay number in a parking structure for a travelling salesman, an apartment number for a social worker making a home visit, or contact details for a colleague who is in the vicinity. The system automatically sends confirmation that the monitoring station has received the memo.

In the event of a user triggering a Red Alert, monitoring agents have access to any Yellow Alert messages, which can save valuable seconds in directing emergency services to a user’s precise location.




From time to time, lone workers may get into trouble and need more reactive support. If they’ve slipped, tripped or fallen, they may be incapacitated and unable to signal that they need help.

That’s the beauty of our Worker Down feature, which uses motion and shock sensors in a user’s personal security device or smartphone to react to sudden impacts or lack of movement.

The device automatically raises an alert at the monitoring station, where our agent’s first action will be to try and contact the lone worker. If the agent can’t raise the worker, then they’ll follow escalation procedures and send emergency help to the worker. And if it’s a false alarm, such as a dropped phone, the user can simply tell them to stand down.





Employers sometimes just need to check in with lone workers proactively throughout the day to check on their welfare.

With Safe Check, workers can set up a welfare check delivered straight to their smartphone at set intervals throughout their working day. It can be particularly helpful for a worker who has several appointments throughout the day or who is on the road.

If they’re OK, the they simply enter a code in response to an automated prompt to signal their welfare. Safe Check will then automatically reset and renew the countdown timer.

If they fail to respond to one of the prompts, the monitoring station will initiate an escalation process, whether that’s trying to raise them on their smartphone, ringing a colleague, or an immediate dispatch of the emergency services.





(on Safe Hub Smartphone app)

Many of Sky Alert’s features focus on getting help to lone workers who need support. If employers can stop them getting into trouble in the first place, then so much the better.

With Group Alert, employers can target useful messages to people in particular job roles or specific geographical locations. It might be a warning about extreme weather, a natural disaster, a terror alert, an active shooter, or even just heavy traffic.

Of course, many workers will access information through social media, but this is a way of getting a clear and consistent message out to all lone workers. And for lone workers at home, it can be a useful way to promote team building by making sure that everyone has access to the same information.





(on Safe Hub Smartphone app)

Geo-fencing and virtual barrier feature in one. Safe Beacon communicates alerts between the Safe Hub platform and Bluetooth-enabled beacons placed discreetly around, or within buildings or structures.

When a worker approaches an area protected by Safe Beacon, they will receive an alert on their lone working device (it works on both smartphones and intrinsically safe devices). The alerts are entirely customisable and can communicate proactive safety warnings or dynamic risk notifications.

The geofencing and virtual perimeter features are ideal for companies with extensive premises (internal and external), potentially hazardous areas, where specific PPE is required, and where exposure is time-restricted.



Bluetooth beacons

Safe Hub communicates with Bluetooth enabled beacon placed discretely around the area to be protected.


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Sky Alert presents Safe Hub, an advanced security platform that protects people working alone. With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response, Safe Hub is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers.

Using a discreet personal device the SOS Fob, our advanced App on a smartphone, or the SPOT X satellite device, Safe Hub connects users with a state-of-the-art Monitoring & Response Centre (MRC). At the MRC, highly trained operatives can provide immediate assistance directing the police or paramedics to your GPS location in the fastest time possible.


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