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Workers in water, gas, oil, solar and wind protected.

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Workers in the utility sector are often at risk in the workplace from lifting heavy objects, operating machinery, moving vehicles and working at height. Most workers will find themselves having to work alone for prolonged periods of time, or in isolated areas, leaving them exposed to greater risks and accidents.

One of the biggest fears for any employer is that a member of staff could be hurt and left without being found for an extended period.

Statistics from the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show that the utility sector has a very low death rate from workplace accidents, although a relatively high rate of non-fatal injury. Most of these result from either falling from height, slips, trips or falls, or being struck by a moving vehicle/object.

The severity of the effects of such accidents can be reduced with Sky Alert’s personal security product range.

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Fastest Response

Safe Hub's pinpoint GPS accuracy and lightning-fast response are delivered 24/7/365 by highly trained officers at our Monitoring & Response Center, protecting lone workers across the utilities sector.

Devices & Apps for every risk scenario

Using the Sky Alert SOS Fob or the Safe Hub Smartphone App, lone utility workers will have access to a range of support features. They can actively trigger a Red Alert in the event of emergency or if they feel themselves to be in danger, opening a call with our 24/7 monitoring station who will provide the appropriate escalation for every situation, including alerting the emergency services if necessary.

Also vital for utility workers is our reactive Worker Down feature, whereby motion and shock sensors can respond to sudden impact or a lack of movement with an alert to our monitoring station. Agents will assess the situation and can dispatch emergency help to reach workers at their precise location, thanks to GPS Locate.

For lone utility workers in remote areas with weak, intermittent or non-existent cellphone signal, SPOT X is a powerful satellite device for them to trigger a Red Alert, to get a rapid response from our monitoring station.

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