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From Uber and Lyft, to the iconic yellow taxi cab, driver services are growing, and so are the risks.

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One of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy in recent years has been transportation and driver services.

Companies such as Uber and Lyft between them have an estimated two million drivers across the U.S., catering for over 65 million riders. But these drivers put themselves at risk every day.

Whether it’s theft, threats, abuse or violence from customers, or accidents on the road, drivers might find themselves in need of assistance when they’re on the job. And their employers need an inexpensive way to protect their drivers, as well as reducing the company’s liabilities.

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SOS Fob is discreet

In a crisis just press the SOS button for a lightning-fast response delivered 24/7/365 by highly trained officers at the Monitoring & Response Center. With access to your personal crisis escalation protocols, they can talk you through your situation and send help if needed.

Keep the SOS Fob on your key chain so it's always handy

Sky Alert has the perfect personal security solution for drivers across the sector, the SOS Fob, which they can attach to their key ring for a quick and silent alert.


The prominent SOS button means it's easy to call for help, and discreet when that's important. The Monitoring & Response Center officer will use the initial seconds of the call for active listening, in case the driver can't speak freely.

All calls are recorded for future use if the driver is threatened or under attack.

SOS Fob is discreet, durable, lightweight, and waterproof. Its battery has an extended life, and the device can be quickly and easily recharged, using an in-car charger.

SOS Fob wearable accessories

The SOS Fob from Sky Alert is lightweight and can easily be carried in your pocket or on a key chain. But it also comes with a range of convenient wearable accessories.

  • The lanyard with ID badge holder is designed to carry an ID card or business card on the front, and the SOS Fob clips neatly into the back.

  • The holster pocket can be attached to the user's belt, or worn on the arm or leg using an adjustable strap.

  • The wristband is washable and made of durable rubberized plastic.

SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With Card With S
SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With SOS Fob Wit
Lanyard & ID Badge Holder
SOS 4G Fob Arm Band Holder Angled Shadow
Holster Pocket
SOS 4G Fob Wristband Angled With Shadow.
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