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Violence and aggression is now a daily features of schools across the USA.

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Teachers and education administrators know that the children are our future. But working in schools and on campus can jeopardize their own futures, as they’re put at risk daily.

Verbal abuse and physical violence are becoming increasingly common events. In the extreme, educational institutions can be subject to terror alerts or active shooters.

It’s vital for schools to consider personal security in the classroom and on the school campus. In fact, many states have already passed legislation requiring both teachers and administrators to wear some form of security device for their protection.

Sky Alert provides personal devices with a prominent SOS feature, so teachers and schools staff can call for help quickly in a crisis.

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Discreet protection

Pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response are delivered 24/7/365 by highly trained officers at the Monitoring & Response Center. With access to your personal crisis escalation protocols, they can get help to you in the fastest possible time.

The wearable SOS Fob and advanced App

With Sky Alert’s range of personal security products and safety features, schools can help to ensure the safety of all their education team while they’re on the job.

The Sky Alert SOS Fob can raise a Red Alert to our 24/7 monitoring station. Agents can initially alert administrators and other educators for assistance in any situation, and they’ll escalate to the emergency services for help if necessary. As the monitoring station records all calls from school staff, they can support any future investigation or prosecution.

We can also supply an extended range of features on teachers’ or administrators’ phones with the Safe Hub Smartphone App. Whether it’s threats, verbal abuse, violence or even attacks, school staff will have a new line of defense, especially when it comes to life or death situations.

SOS Fob wearable accessories

The SOS Fob from Sky Alert is lightweight and can easily be carried in your pocket. But it also comes with a range of convenient wearable accessories.

  • The lanyard with ID badge holder is designed to carry an ID card or business card on the front, and the SOS Fob clips neatly into the back.

  • The holster pocket can be attached to the user's belt, or worn on the arm or leg using an adjustable strap.

  • The wristband is washable and made of durable rubberized plastic.

SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With Card With S
SOS Fob ID Badge Holder With SOS Fob Wit
Lanyard & ID Badge Holder
SOS 4G Fob Arm Band Holder Angled Shadow
Holster Pocket
SOS 4G Fob Wristband Angled With Shadow.
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