By the very nature of their work, realtors are frequently in premises by themselves.


Real estate professionals often work alone, which can put them in a compromising position or at risk.

According to United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, in recent years there have been around 80 work-related fatalities each year in the Real Estate and Rental and Leasing sector (NAICS Codes 531, 532, 533).

This shows how truly important lone worker personal security is, especially when it comes down to life or death situations. And real estate companies need to think about how to provide personal security for their professionals, both to demonstrate that they care and also to help protect their most valuable asset. Thankfully, Sky Alert is on hand to help out.



Talk to a person, not an app

Safe Hub is not just another 911 app, it puts you in direct contact with highly trained officers at a Monitoring & Response Center. With access to your personal escalation protocols, they can direct emergency help to your exact GPS location if needed.

Devices & Apps for every risk scenario

With the Safe Hub Smartphone App, realtors can have a powerful personal security device in their pocket as soon as they leave their house.

In the event of an emergency or if they feel themselves in danger, workers can trigger a Red Alert to open a call with our 24/7 monitoring station and get the help they need.

They can leave Yellow Alert voice memo messages before each appointment to help locate them if they should trigger a Red Alert. And they can set up a proactive welfare check, Safe Check, responding to automated prompts at set intervals to signal all is well.

Meanwhile, if realtors prefer to use a more discreet specialist personal security device, then the Sky Alert SOS Fob is ideally suited to the job.



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Sky Alert presents Safe Hub, an advanced security platform that protects people working alone. With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response, Safe Hub is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers.

Using a discreet personal device the SOS Fob, our advanced App on a smartphone, or the SPOT X satellite device, Safe Hub connects users with a state-of-the-art Monitoring & Response Centre (MRC). At the MRC, highly trained operatives can provide immediate assistance directing the police or paramedics to your GPS location in the fastest time possible.


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