Pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response.

Safe Hub, from Sky Alert, is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers.

David Howton on the launch of Sky Alert

Over the past two years, our company has spent our time and efforts finding a solution for the one worker market here in the United States. With technology constantly changing, we were not willing to launch the company until we had a product that would work for an extended period of time and not be phased out by the U.S. Cellular industry.

Into the future, and beyond

We have now achieved our goals and have launched Sky Alert Security Solutions with a new 4G technology that will take us into the late 2020s and not require equipment updates in the near future.

Our goal has always been to bring an affordable product to our customers and the best support to assist those customers when the time is needed. With 24/7 monitoring services and the ability to record and escalate calls, Sky Alert Security Solutions is the right choice for any small or large company looking for lone worker solutions.

Trusted Partners

Our goal was also to find a technology company that complimented our products with a great back-office system for our clientele. We were willing to push back the launch until all of our goals were met in order to offer the best of the best to our customers moving forward.

Our partnership with Lone Worker Solutions, sector innovators in the advanced UK market, will bring us proven technology that will lead the industry as we move forward.

I welcome you to learn more about how we can customize the right solution for you and your team.

Changing landscape

We believe that there is a move to change the laws here in the United States around companies with employees at risk and for those workers in the field working alone. Risk increase daily for those in the field whether it's assault-related or risk-related by job requirements.

Our products will meet the challenge for a future generation of workers that will be required to work from home or work in the field. COVID-19 has brought new challenges for the world and for many who will never return to an office environment again. 




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Sky Alert presents Safe Hub, an advanced security platform that protects people working alone. With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response, Safe Hub is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers.

Using a discreet personal device the SOS Fob, our advanced App on a smartphone, or the SPOT X satellite device, Safe Hub connects users with a state-of-the-art Monitoring & Response Centre (MRC). At the MRC, highly trained operatives can provide immediate assistance directing the police or paramedics to your GPS location in the fastest time possible.

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