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How clients track lone worker alerts on the Safe Hub platform

We're proud of the Safe Hub platform, and the technology that drives our whole approach to delivering lone worker safety.

Safe Hub platform
The Safe Hub platform in action protecting lone workers

We understand how varied lone working can be in the real world. It’s immediately obvious that some workers will frequently be working alone, or out-of-sight or earshot of colleagues. But some workers may only occasionally work alone or may be in a customer-facing role which brings its own risks. And because we have a range of devices, services, and apps, we can make bespoke packages for every organization’s needs. What allows us to do that so effectively is the technology that sits behind all our services: the Safe Hub platform. In a series of blogs, we'll be exploring how this platform can work for your lone workers. First up: how our clients can track alerts that their workers raise.

The Safe Hub platform is the link between workers and the help they need

Safe Hub is a multi-functional, secure, web-based system with integrated safety applications. It connects lone, remote, and vulnerable workers via dedicated devices, mobile phones and computer applications to an advanced Monitoring Response Center (MRC) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The platform allows us to offer a range of protection, depending on the individual lone worker’s needs at any time. Different Safe Hub features provide emergency, buddy, proactive, reactive, broadcast, and virtual barrier support. This gives lone workers peace of mind, while simultaneously allowing managers to control risks and meet the requirements of health and safety legislation. By accessing an accurate cross-device snapshot of activity, managers can demonstrate a safety culture at the heart of their corporate governance.

Safe Hub is simple to customize and easy to manage

Safe Hub provides the highest possible degree of flexibility around the number of lone workers who are supported, and the level of support and protection that each of them requires. We can deploy a range of devices, apps and features to make a bespoke package work.

We tailor protection and monitoring solutions to an individual risk assessment. We can define escalation and response procedures customized to each lone worker. We can activate or deactivate protection and monitoring as required. And we can communicate with, identify, locate, and report on individual workers. Most importantly of all, in the event of an emergency, we can ensure direct access to emergency services, bypassing the usual 911 call procedures.

How our clients can track alerts on the Safe Hub platform

The Safe Hub Platform is a SaaS (software as a service) solution and doesn't require our clients to purchase additional hardware or infrastructure. We only require internet browser support for accessing user reporting tools and management tools, and mobile phones for running the Safe Hub app itself. Sky Alert manages all system patch updates, after testing on our user acceptance testing (UAT) platform first. This includes both system patches (such as Windows server updates), and Safe Hub Platform and app updates, which we schedule with key customer stakeholders.

Our proprietary platform, Safe Hub, enables real-time management of all user activity. It also records all such activity and is the central location for all the data, rules and activity that govern system usage. Our clients can access activity securely via any web browser, and they can review it in real-time using unique secure logins for authorized staff.

In terms of the performance of users, our clients can view information based on individual activity by time and date rate including:

  • Device or App activation/deactivation.

  • Features activated

  • Alarms raised including nature of incident and operator notes

  • Alarm response times

  • Issues raised and response times

To find out more about the Safe Hub platform and how it supports lone worker safety, contact one of the team today.

About Sky Alert

Safe Hub, from Sky Alert, is an advanced security platform that protects people working alone. With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast response, Safe Hub is not just another 911 app. It's all-around protection for lone workers. Using a discreet personal device such as the SOS Fob, our advanced App on a smartphone, or the SPOT X satellite device, Safe Hub connects users with a state-of-the-art Monitoring Response Center (MRC). At the MRC, highly trained operatives can provide immediate assistance directing the police or paramedics to your GPS location in the fastest time possible.


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