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3 Sky Alert products that provide lone worker protection

Sky Alert offers companies of any size a lone worker protection system which supports a range of 3 products to cover every risk scenario.

It’s a tough world out there for lone workers, and it's getting tougher all the time. When working out of sight or earshot of their co-workers, they face a particular set of risks. To protect them properly, employers need to have comprehensive systems in place. That’s just what Sky Alert offers. We've worked hard to find a technological solution to lone worker protection that's easy to use and represents good value for money. In this blog, we're going to explore our system, and the products it supports.

4G Safe Hub technology drives our systems

Communications technology has changed significantly in the twenty-first century. For companies such as ours, where technology forms the heart of our services, it's vital to plan for future changes and avoid obsolescence. In 2020, we launched Sky Alert Security Solutions with new 4G technology. We work in partnership with Lone Worker Solutions, a Totalmobile company who are sector innovators in the advanced UK lone worker safety market. We're bringing their proven Safe Hub technology to the US, to lead the lone worker protection industry as we move forward.

Safe Hub allows us to bring an affordable product range to our customers, as well as offering the best support to assist lone workers when it's needed. Coupled with our products, we have great back-office system for our clientele. We connect lone workers with a 24/7 monitoring station which can alert the appropriate authorities. Our GPS tracking identifies the precise location, and we’ll stay on the call until the situation is resolved. We're confident that the Safe Hub system will take us into the late 2020s and not require equipment updates in the near future.

Our product range covers all lone working scenarios

So why is it so important to look after lone workers? It's simple, really: they're people who work alone or out of sight and hearing of their co-workers. Each and every lone worker needs protection on a daily basis, and they're in a multitude of different jobs. It may be a physical role, where there is a risk of falling, slipping or tripping, or working in high-risk areas such as chemical stores. Or it may be that the worker is completely alone in a remote area, such as utility workers on field visits. What's important to remember, though, is that lone workers may be surrounded by other people. It's just that they're not the people who can help them in a crisis. And in fact, for customer-facing roles such as realtors or drivers, the main issue may be dealing with potentially anti-social behavior from these people.

We have a range of easy-to-use lone worker safety products that cover all these risk scenarios. Sky Alert ‘s SOS Fob is a great solution for client-facing workers, as its lightweight, sleek design allows them to summon help discreetly at the push of a button. The Safe Hub App has our full range of safety features, including impact detection for workers who may have fallen or crashed, as well as welfare check and messaging systems. And even in areas with poor cell phone coverage, we can protect lone workers with our SPOT X satellite device.

Changing the nature of lone worker protection

Risks increase daily for lone workers, whether that's the risk of assault or abuse, or a physical risk arising from their job requirements. What's more, the world of work is changing - and there are more and more lone workers out there. Covid-19 has accelerated the shift towards more home-working patterns. Many people may never return to an office environment again, and suddenly, they are lone workers. We like to think of them as living at work, rather than working from home. It underlines why it's ever more important to make sure that they're properly protected in their home environments.

We believe that there is a move to change the laws here in the United States around companies with employees at risk and for those workers in the field working alone. Our products will meet the challenge for a future generation of workers that will be required to work from home or work in the field. With our technology-led approach to personal safety, we cover every lone working scenario. With 24/7 monitoring services and the ability to record and escalate calls, Sky Alert Security Solutions is the right choice for any small or large company looking for lone worker solutions. Let us help you protect all your lone workers - both those who've been operating on their own for years, and those who are new to the experience.

To find out more about Sky Alert's approach to lone worker protection and our range of products, contact one of the team today.

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