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Sky Alert Security Solutions has spent the last several years researching the best personal protection technology from around the world and making it available for its U.S. customers. In addition, we searched for a partner who has provided these services and maintained a superior rating in their own market. The technology platform was the most important consideration in our decision to provide safety and security to companies and institutions throughout the United States.  


Personal security technology continues to advance with new products and innovation and our company goal is to be the leader in the industry in North America. Through our partnership with Lone Worker Solutions from the UK, we will be able to deliver proven and effective devices to meet the needs of a growing market. Sky Alert Security Solutions will be an exclusive partner with Lone Worker Solutions in developing new products and technology to meet the needs of an ever-growing market. 

There are many other devices on the market but few that allow you to have a person on the other end of the phone that can assist you in a time of need. The Sky Alert SOS Fob starts recording your voice in less than one second after pressing the SOS button. Our monitoring station can escalate your call to the proper authorities and identify your location and situation. Our GPS tracking will give your location and continue to follow your device until your situation is resolved. There will never be anyone on the other end of your activation who ask who you are or where you are located. We will be there to assist for whatever your need might be.