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Emergency support when workers need it most

The Safe Hub App and the Red Alert assists lone workers when a crisis arises. The alert can be used when you feel at risk or might be in need of support. The Red Alert will immediately open a two-way call with our monitoring company and our professionally-trained assistants at our monitoring station.

The Red Alert allows for secure access to the worker's personal emergency with the escalation process and real-time GPS location. Our professional staff will have access to any Yellow Alert messages which have been left prior to the alert being raised (see below). Our 24/7 monitoring service will direct emergency services straight to the location and person, bypassing 911 call centers and saving critical time. If there is a false alarm, you can simply tell us to ‘stand down’.

Whatever method the worker interfaces with Safe Hub, they can easily access and raise the Red Alert. On our dedicated devices, there is a prominent emergency Red Alert button to assist you in a time of need. Our Safe Hub app features the Red Alert and is triggered with a tap of the screen.

Red Alert: virtual assistance

Our Red Alert can also be used as a virtual assistant.  Our professionals at the monitoring station will stay on the call with you should you feel at risk. An example, if you’re working late at night and are uncomfortable in a poorly lit parking lot or other location, the monitoring staff can stay alert as you walk to your vehicle.

Red Alert: active listening

Our monitoring station staff utilizes the initial seconds of the call for active listening, in the event that you are vulnerable and cannot speak freely. All of our calls are recorded, and these recordings are admissible as evidence in a court of law. Assault is an example of cases that can be prosecuted through the recorded conversation.




Recording useful information in case of emergency

Our Yellow Alert allows you or your employee to leave a voice message with task- or location-specific information anytime or anywhere they might enter a potentially hazardous situation. The Yellow Alert message will be recorded along with their GPS location.

If a Red Alert is raised or you cannot be contacted for any reason, the message will be accessed by our monitoring station by our professionally-trained monitoring agent and station. In case of an emergency, this recording can provide vital information and save valuable time.

Our app also supports the Yellow Alert, at the tap of a screen or the touch of a button.

Useful Information when utilizing the Yellow Alert

Leave as much clear and specific information as possible. Examples of details which would be useful in an emergency event include:

  • Leave an alternative contact phone number.

  • Leave contact details for colleagues who are close by.

  • Leave the time expected to complete a task or journey.

  • Make certain to leave the floor and/or door number for an apartment or office.

  • Leaving a parking deck level or parking bay number will allow for fast response.



Safe Check is a proactive ability to periodically initiate a status check-in over the system by you or your employee. You can simply confirm your safety by replying to automated prompts at certain time intervals. Safe Check can be easily accessed and enabled on our app, and many of our other devices.

You or your employee can select and change the intervals, as needed to suit your working needs and jobs. At the end of the designated interval, Safe Check will request a code from you or your employee. Once this is entered on the device or app, Safe Check will automatically reset and renew the countdown timing will begin.


In the event that you or your employees do not respond, the issue is flagged with our operatives at our professionally-trained monitoring station. The personal escalation process for you or your employee is then triggered, creating a call to your designated contact or your employee’s manager, or our monitoring center will immediate dispatch call to emergency services.

When to use Safe Check

Safe Check can be enabled throughout their working day. But it can be particularly useful at specific times such as visiting a location or customer at their home. For some, it might even be when they’re leaving the office late at night and walking to a parking lot, or driving in poor weather. Additional information such as a route or last location can assist with locating them in an emergency.



Reactive support via built-in impact and fall detection

Our Safe Hub devices utilize built-in motion sensors in mobile handsets and our SOS FOB devices to enable the Worker Down function. The hub technology then monitors the movement of the handset and its orientation. If the handset hasn’t moved for a length of time this could indicate that you or your employee requires emergency help, perhaps after a fall or incident.


The Worker Down application then automatically raises an alert with our trained monitoring assistance at the monitoring station. Our professional staff will then access the GPS location and call the phone to see if you’re OK. In the event of a false alarm, you or your employee can simply advise us to ‘stand down’. If our staff is unable to contact the worker via their handset, they will automatically follow the next steps in the individual escalation procedure, and can quickly dispatch emergency services to the location.

Worker Down can save lives

By detecting slips, trips and falls which represent particular risks for many employees in certain sectors and job functions. Whether up a ladder or operating heavy equipment, some employees are especially vulnerable. This also applies to people working alone in remote locations or in other roles that can be subject to these risks.


The platform works by using motion- and shock-sensor technology to know the GPS position and allows our team to react to problems as they happen. This function saves valuable time in dispatching emergency services, this could be the difference between life and death.



Our Safe Hub App can issue warnings in cases of extreme weather, incidents or even terror alert

The Group Alert feature is a way to warn your team of the hazards they might face – and how to avoid them. With Group Alert, the manager can send critical notifications to workers in the event of an emergency. We developed this feature in response to demand from our clients, including our US utility company, American Water. This feature is supported on our app and several of our other dedicated devices.

The Group Alert can be a very important function. For large sales teams, there might be a terror alert or an active shooter in a particular area. A natural disaster, or an extreme weather event are both great examples of how the Group Alert can assist your employees. Even though many extreme events might be available via social media, our advanced communications technologies provide a faster way of getting a clear and consistent message through to your team of employees.

Group Alert: Tailored to teams or geographical areas

The strength of the Group Alert is that it provides tailored messages. This means managers or group leaders can take into account which employees might be affected and the location they might be. These messages can target specific individuals or groups, if there is a particular job function at risk from any type of event. The Group Alert allows you to limit the message geographically or to specific users who are within a given radius from a particular central point.



In some working environments, the virtual barrier and security guard in one

Safe Beacon communicates alerts between our Safe Hub management platform and Bluetooth-enabled beacons placed discreetly within buildings or structures.


When you or your employees approach or enter an area monitored by Safe Beacon, an alert is sent to the individual and the manager. This feature works seamlessly with our app and many other dedicated devices, including most importantly our intrinsically safe devices.

These messages are completely customizable. They can communicate proactive safety warnings or dynamic risk notifications, such as exposure to an area being time-limited. They can ensure that workers understand and acknowledge Health and Safety policies. These may indicate that specific Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is worn, or that certain procedures regarding hazardous materials must be followed.

Safe Beacon: A patented solution to fixed-site lone worker protection

For our customers with extensive premises, or operating in a potentially hazardous sector, this poses a particular challenge in delivering safety to the work force. We’ve addressed this by developing our patented solution, the Safe Beacon technology.

This works as a two-way process. Managers can deliver safety messages via our Safe Hub Platform to employees as they enter particular areas within the premises. It can also allow employees to alert Safe Hub if they get into difficulty within high-risk or restricted areas. They can then be quickly located, and immediately provided with the appropriate emergency help.